Turning Board: Is it good for my little dancer?

If you love dancing you’ll understand there are different things that make dancing practise interesting and with ease. Although, just a few of this training equipment help the new students a major training aid that has been developed to help you learn dancing is the Turning board.

The turning board is also known as the turn board or ballet board. It is a device used frequently in Ballet, Ice skating and other sports activities to develop various dance turns. When the turning board is used regularly, it helps to perform different styles that involve turns without much friction being felt and by so doing, it increases the confidence and the comfort of the user.

Different turning boards have been developed over the years for a long time. Of these are the Velvet 360.

Nothing has been said or given as a reason for giving any board “official” to its name, as the turning board was already been used a century ago, when it was just a piece of wood, such as the backrest of a chair.

When you compare Velvet360 to other turning boards, you will see that Velvet360  is wider, has a thicker foam and it is specifically designed with a curvier look which helps in the reducing of friction, improves the turns and the spins in dance. Also, it comes with a very detailed and illustrated instructions. This turning board also helps especially a first-time dancer in improving their balance when turning. You can purchase it now on Amazon.com

turning board


Benefits of using a Turning Board

Using a turning board in dance and other sports activities present us several advantages. Some of these are:

Reduction of Friction: making a turn requires the dancer to be able to coordinate the limb well, to be focused, to place the arm correctly and a strong and well-balanced core. All these must be done at the same time. However, friction makes turning more difficult and frustrating. Friction makes it very hard for a dancer to concentrate or be focused and most especially to achieve all requirement of dancing at the same time. It’s believed that using the turning board will, however, help you to reduce the friction between your feet and the floor and this makes dancing enjoyable because the moves are done with ease and the requirement of turns are met.

Confidence: dancers who use turning board enjoy the ease of spinning and the use of any dancing turn because the friction is reduced and whatever move is developed by them, they are assured that they can perform it well.

Balance: another thing dancing requires is balance while making turns. If you’re a dancer it’s expected to be balanced because it shows your confidence in the performance done. As much as the turning board is used as it is supposed to be used, the turning board will reduce the friction and increase the ease of spinning you’ll be able to balance well because you’re confident the performance will be done effectively.

Even though the use of turn board has been given primarily to dancing, especially ballet dance, it can also be used in other sports activities. In a sports game like ice skating, there is a need of balance which the turning board can help to solve by reducing the friction (where friction refers to the rubbing of an object against another or a surface against another)  and helping the user to enjoy the easiness of spinning without falling. When this is done, the user gains balance when going through and developing his or her turns and moves.


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