If you love to dance and are keen to learn more, this pirouette board is perfect for you. Purchase this turn board for dance practice to improve your turning or as the perfect gift for dancers. The board will not only help you turn more smoothly but will also help to strengthen your legs and develop proper leg, hand and feet positions. One of the key skills in ballet is the ability to spin and pirouette, and this board can help you develop the positioning and balance techniques to achieve just that.

As you're turning, most boards will create friction, which will affect the smoothness of your spin, but this board has a curvier and wider design compared with the rest of the boards that will reduce friction and help you to spin more smoothly. Not only that, but the thicker foam used on this board makes it steadier and easier to balance on. This makes it the ideal tool for improving your dance and ballet technique.



We have worked hard to make sure that the design and mould of our boards are the best that it can be and have made a number of changes and developments to make this happen.

The Velvet360® turning board is wider, longer and made from a thicker EVA foam for better stability and usage. This means you benefit from a stiffer frame with a thicker curve so that the board is able to withstand heavier weights than previous models and designs. The improved board texture is even better at reducing friction and allowing you to turn and spin more freely.

Full Instructions And Clear Guidance

The Velvet360 board is the only dance board that comes with detailed and illustrated instructions. This means you'll get detailed guidance on how to best use the board.

Fast Shipping

Our product is Prime! Order it now on Amazon and receive it in 48h max.

Great Design For Great Turning

The Velvet 360º is made of a high-strength nylon-polymer composite. The new, redesigned Velvet 360º is wider, longer, thicker, curvier, smoother and the EVA foam is a higher, thicker quality which helps it to last longer.

The Ideal Gift For Dance Lovers

This is a great gift for any dancer or ballerina and helps them improve their spins and turns. You will receive your Ballet Pirouette Board in a premium velvet bag & quality, hand painted gift box.

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